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A unique approach to Buffalo business broker services..

Our Experience

Business broker experience since 2001 having brokered businesses in 43 USA states and in six countries.

Founder & Owner of NAABB

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers with 100+ locations nationwide.

NAABB Certified Brokers

Our NAABB Certified Broker status is widely recognized as a top industry certification.

National Recognition

Our mission statement about cleaning up the industry has been hailed by owners and networks alike.

Buffalo Business Broker Services

Forget contracts or commissions - stay in control!


  • Dated: March 20, 2016

Business Seller Coaching

We teach you how to sell your own business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers.


  • Dated: March 20, 2016

Business Seller Consulting

Ongoing support services direct by company owner Scott Radin via live and online support.


  • Dated: March 20, 2016

Business Seller Marketing

We will generate your business buyers for you in a confidential discreet manner.


  • Dated: March 20, 2016

Business Buyer Qualification

We will qualifiy your business buyers and secure a non disclosure agreement.

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Your Advantages

Stay in Control - 90%+ Less Expensive

Contrary to normal business broker process of "listing: businesses for a commission, we provide a service that requires no listing agreements or commissions. And our service allows you to stay in control while being armed with the knowledge and guidance of selling your own business in a confidential manner to qualified business buyers. And we can help you find your buyers and qualify them by ability and confidentiality. Last you will be under the guidance of industry expert Scott Radin. Contact us for a NO OBLIGATION consult

Scott Radin

Owner & Founder

My goal since 2001 was to provide the best service possible to our business sellers.


With A.S. Radin & Associates Owner Scott Radin.

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Service fee quotes are provided after a NO OBLIGATION consultation. Each situation and need is unique so we cater a plan and quote to your needs.

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